Criticising others for what they have done or what they are doing is just something we guys do naturally. No matter how much hard that person is trying to do some specific work we do find shortcomings in other’s work at times and think that if we were at that person’s place we could have done this much better. But is it so? 

Well we also do know that it’s not so. But still as an audience we want perfection. So the other person must have some shortcomings which he/she have to fix or even if he/she is simply too good in his/her work we appreciate them and then forget. The very next time we see them doing it perfectly we get bored as it is repetition of that same great level again and again which is not pleasing for us any longer. So what is that in which we are satisfied?? 

Apparently it’s nothing. We humans are never satisfied with a thing no matter how much perfect it is. We always want something new to keep our interests served. But have we ever wondered how much difficult it becomes for the other person to serve our growing interest in always a new form. People have a judging tendency towards others. But they never judge the other person in their shoes. They never think if they were at the other person’s place how it would have felt to them. We only realize the value of others work by simply replacing them with ourselves and doing it ourselves. When we go through it then we feel the pain and the hard work gone in doing that particular stuff may it be cooking, washing, dancing, singing, acting, writing, and all the other things as mentioning them is not possible in this one blog. The actual idea behind this is to uncover the ignorance, urge for perfection, rapid boredom and judgemental nature of people which in one way or the other leads to criticism of the work of others. 

I just realized it today a bit and thus expressed it here in my blog to keep myself remind that I should always appreciate others for their work and always motivate them for its betterment so that I can get the same response for my work as well. As it is always Give and Take by nature..😘😘


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