Hit back of Memories

Today I visited an eye hospital with my mother as she have to get her eyes checked by the doctor. The hospital is quite a renowned one and therefore, was very crowdy. There was lot of commotion there. We get our entry done at the reception and sat on the chairs besides it in order to wait for our turn. Sitting there, gave me sometime to experience another random story. I was sitting there for a couple of minutes and just get bored. So, I instantly opened my Instagram account and started checking it. After finishing it up I went for the Facebook account checking as well. I even got a phone call in between that time from one of my closest friend with whom I can talk for hours and hours but unfortunately this call lasted for about 5 minutes only. 

Now I had nothing to do. So just locked my phone and started noticing out people around me. I noticed the way they are all dressed up, sitting, behaving etc. just to pass my time. But then suddenly the child in me pipes out. I stared getting attracted to the beautiful things around me. Firstly, I noticed a beautiful girl sitting around me. I started paying all my attention to her leaving everything aside. Then the elder me pipes out to balance my behavior there. Then I shifted my focus to a family sitting there consisting of a couple and there two children. The children were so busy in themselves and were not giving a fuck to what’s happening around them. They were so happy in themselves. They fight with each other at one moment and then at another moment they go and complain their mom about each other. And finally jumped in their mother’s lap. They were so enthusiastic and cheerful that they were attracting everybody’s attention towards themselves. But we’re still so carefree and confident in themselves that they were not even a bit interested in other people staring them. 

It suddenly hit me. I reminded of my childhood memories when I used to do the same things in so much carefree mode. It reminded me of the moments when I used to come in the same hospital and doing all these silly things to entertain myself and to keep me busy. But now, after been grown up, it has just remained limited to the Instagram and Facebook accounts….😞😞


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