Overthinking is one of the most common problem we all are facing nowadays. People have become habitual of overthinking about certain events, things, person, situation etc. May be, its just that we don’t want to put the things we love in our off attention zone even for sometime and therefore, we starts building up stories about them in our mind; which most of the time are negative in nature. All these negative thoughts sometimes leads to a different emotion in us about that particular thing of which we are overthinking. 

This different emotion could be anything depending on the mood and extent of overthinking. It may leave us feeling bad, angry, or even hatred for something if it is a kind of negative overthinking(which is mostly it is!). It even disturbs our state of mind. Due to this, We starts believing a fantasy thing which has even not happened in real. Moreover, sometimes we get so much involved in the process that we starts reacting in real to this fantasy thing. Isn’t it something big psychological shortcoming or is it just the natural tendency of human mind? 

People always teach others to not to overthink but isn’t it just something which at times help people to discover their thought process and the wider horizons of anything. It could also lead to some much mature reaction to things at times. Well, that is just another aspect of overthinking which is positive in nature and may be because of this we human beings are gifted with this power of overthinking.

So the question that arises is how to maintain a balance with all the overthinking processes running in our minds to not to let them disturb the inner us…🤔

P.S. (The image used here does not belong to me.)


2 thoughts on “Overthinking

  1. Food for thought!! But I think that overthinking comes naturally to everyone especially the ones who are more analytical and rational. No matter how much we try but sometimes our thoughts are bound to consume us. I think it’s a pretty natural thing but yes sometimes it can eat you up . I feel that it’s important to train ones mind to think and stress less at times and work on our EQ.

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