The Generation Gap

The basic problems all the 20’s kids facing today is the Generation gap between them and their parents. Its has become really hard for them to cope up with each other. There is a lot of difference in opinions, thought process, view points, and perspective in between the two generation of 90’s and 20’s. Well it is not only the countable years in between them that’s makes a difference but the very progressing and changing world that creates the difference. The people who are moving with time and advancing with it have less issues than the one who are not. 

The actual dilemma is that we can’t do anything much with this as there are some people who refuses to change with time. It creates a problem for their children as generation gap have a massive effect on their upbringing, lifestyle, personality and life. In some cases, this generation gap becomes so effective that it disturbs the relation of parents and the children. No matter, how much love is there in between them but this mere thing can impact enormously on their relationship. 

For the child, it can result in massive problems in his/her life. Because for a child, his/her parents are the person he or she look upon every time for everything but if his/her parents won’t understand him/her then where will the child go? It actually creates a big confusion in the mind of the child to where to go and to whom share their feelings with. Not only that it affects the child’s personality very badly. Moreover it can also effect their mental state as well. Sometimes, the situation becomes too hard for them to survive that it results in bad relations with their parents. In cases, children leave their parents home at an early stage to live their life independently on their own. When they are not able to do so, they tend to become more introvert, unsatisfied and depressed with their lives becoming loner and loner day by day. 

A single difference in thoughts of both of them creates such big troubles in life. May be from the parents perspective it’s all about caring for their child as everybody have their own thought process and do everything according to it no matter, how much backward it is according to time as People have their mind sets according to it only. So it is not their mistakes and neither of the child as it is a natural process. But one thing is there for sure that it has created a big nuisance in the society and in the lives of the people. No matter how much they try hard to cope up with this; there is always something which makes them feel regret on their lives because of this. 

My this blog may sound an overdramatic portrayal of this problem of generation gap to some but believe me their are still many who are facing it very badly….😞😞

Its truly hard to cope up with such situations guys!! Hope anyone comes up with a solution…🙏


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