Blogging for Beginners Part-II

Hey guys!! This time I am here with another blogging experience of mine as a beginner. If you have read my blog – “Blogging for Beginners” then u will understand what kind of blogging experience I am talking about. Anyways if you haven’t read that one just go through this one.

Blogging is a very vast field and is growing day by day. Many people are connecting to it may be because of the fascination a person have of being a blogger or many even choose it as a profession for themselves. But when one enters into the world of blogging it seems a challenging task specially to the people who are not very technical or who don’t have good writing skills or content. So in order to get help many follow the renowned bloggers and read different articles to be good into it. 

Well eventually, i did the same. The experience that I had with their blogs was quite good . I learnt a lot from them but their blogs on “Blogging tips for Beginners” is something which I feel little eccentric. More than a help for beginners it’s just a piece of another blog in their blogging site. According to the blogs that I read for beginners 90% of them says the following:-

1.) Be consistent in your work in order       to keep your audience engaged. 

2.) Don’t write daily but at least fix             some days to publish your blogs           like 1 in every week or in 3 days or       according to your capacity.

3.) Write only when you feel strongly        about the topic. Don’t only write            just to write and publish another          blog but write when you are fully          cleared and strong opinionated              about  your topic. 

4.) Work on the outlook of your                   website as it is just something                 which plays a major role in                     attracting your audience. So                   choose a good theme and work on         it.

5.) Write something which relates               your audience to it so that they can       comment on it. 

6.) Leave your writing piece with a            question or something over which        the reader can give his/her views. It      is useful as you can then in turn            explain your perspective to them. It      is better than just replying thanx to      everybody who commented.

7.) Appreciate the reader who has              given time to understand the                  essence of your blog and have                commented. So comment back or          reply to them always.

8.) Don’t follow any rules and just do         what you feel like. 

So if one seriously go through these tips they are very contradictory to each other in a manner like:-

1.) One is advising you to be                         consistent but at the mean time             asking you to write only when you       feel strongly about something and       don’t write just for adding more             blogs to your website. So can                 anyone tell me how a person who         have just started blogging can be           consistent as well as strong                     content writer? 

2.) A non-technical person who have        just started a blog does not know          how to go with all these technical          things like themes, Adsense etc. So        how can a non-technical person            bring a beginner can deal with              such things?

3.) Its good to write something which        engages your audience and make          them comment on your blog but            one can only write about anything        with his/her own perspective                  which everyone can’t find                        relatable.

4.) When a person have just explained       his/her perspective about the topic       in the blog then how he/she can             reply explaining the same points           again? Isn’t it rather good to                   appreciate them for their                         comments when u have nothing to       say.

5.) If one should not follow or stick by      to any rules then why these                    confusing and contradictory rules        are even told to them?

Well, I know that all these rules depends on the situation and are to be used accordingly but still then aren’t they a mess in themselves? 

According to me, one just have to go with it freely and do what he/she feels like. Go through the tips but rather than sticking to them innovate your own way as only you know who you are and how you can deal with things in order to write better or engage more audience. Just go with your own struggle and experience and use it to groom your blogs and to be a successful blogger.😊

Good luck for your journey and for mine too..👍👍


One thought on “Blogging for Beginners Part-II

  1. Thank you for sharing this! As a new bligger myself with very little blogging experience, I appreciate these kinds of posts a lot. So many great tips amd advice. Thank you!!


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