Daily doings

It’s been a long time I haven’t come up with a new blog. So guys here it comes!

Currently m giving most of my time to college. I get up at around 6 a.m. in the morning. Nowadays I am becoming a little health conscious. So I have started a little 15 minutes exercise session in the morning with the help of ABS 7 minutes app. Its a cool app for toning your muscles and energising your body. Given below is the link of the app –


After my college, when m free in the evening m spending most of my time reading newspaper and going through news apps. I am currently trying to learn the different styles of different newspapers n judging which one is best for me. I am currently reading The Hindu and Times of India. In between both I like The Hindu much. If any of you have some good recommendations plz do let me know.

I m also giving some time to a YouTube channel sandeep maheshwari spirituality. Its a spiritual channel which talks about the real meaning and understanding of life. As I was quite restless from some days, so I am spending my time here to get some peace of mind and m really liking it.

Well this is what all m doing right now. Gonna try something new in following days and will surely update about that also very soon.

Till then gd bye and thanks for stopping by and giving your precious time.


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